What Little Girls Buy

Check-out line at the grocery store,

Walk the gauntlet of beauty.

Flawless fresh faces glaring from every glossy cover.

Ten ways to look beautiful like me.


She has perfect breasts in a perfect dress.

Double-sided tape works wonders.

Get that hourglass silhouette:

Go on a diet and/or install Photoshop.

Emerald is the color of the year.


It hangs in my closet, the badge of the trendy.

Did I really like that shirt?

Or was it elected for me,

By the Editor-in-Chief of Cosmo

And Vogue’s cover model.

Damn, that photographer must have been good

To make me want to see a star’s face in the mirror.


At twenty-one it’s annoying.

It hurts but we understand the illusion.

At twelve it’s an atrocity.

She defines “pretty” by comparison.

Remind her that lipstick is never long-wearing.

That perfect dress is hard to breathe in.

“These heels are comfortable,” is always a lie.


Tell her it took a trained team of professional

Make-up artists wielding brushes

Hair stylists manipulating heat

Photographers bending lights

And designers sewing miracles

To tailor that perfect dress

Paint that flawless face.

Create that dazzling monster

That stares and smiles in the check-out line.

I sent my daughter to pick up milk and bread.

It was her first time making a purchase on her own.

I watched her face as she walked the gauntlet.

She paid for the milk and bought the atrocity.

4 thoughts on “What Little Girls Buy

  1. I agree so much! Magazines have always rubbed me the wrong way. We never had them around the house. My mom never bought them or read them, so neither did I. I remember the first time I actually decided to flip through one and was appalled at the material. It is sickening. It is so important to remind ourselves as females that that image is so unrealistic.
    Great post!


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