Zero to Sixty


Zero to sixty

And I’m always at sixty

To slow down or stop is to sin, to


to not be



Zero to sixty

And when I am at zero it is a disaster

It means I ran out of gas before I could reach Sunoco

It means I need a refresh station

A minute to myself station

A place to pump peace into my speeding veins



I wish someone would give me a ticket

Wish a trooper would pull me over

I need someone with a badge to say,

“You’ve done enough. Fast enough.

Time to take your foot off the gas pedal.”

Cars don’t run forever.


Zero to sixty

That’s me

Slowly learning

To coast at twenty-three.

4 thoughts on “Zero to Sixty

  1. Absolutely love it. It is a powerful metaphor. Really got me thinking. I can relate to the constant go go go. Sometimes I wish someone would pull me over and tell me I’m going to fast.

    Liked by 1 person

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