The Intern

24 Days of Grateful [Day 1]

I am in bed writing this (short) post at an hour I don’t normally write – nearly 11:00pm. I am so not a night owl, but I just finished a Diet Coke. So naturally I am feeling wired.

Today I am grateful for The Intern. I just saw this movie with my parents at a six dollar theater with torn seat cushions and popcorn for a buck. I want to go back, because seat cushions that don’t match are more fun than manufactured chairs in an average cinema. Cash only.

This movie, with Anne Hathaway (do I NEED to discuss how much I love her again?) and Robert DeNiro, was funny, sweet, and thought-provoking. I also cried a couple of times because crying in movie theaters has recently become something I do. I cry more than I used to, sometimes in my apartment and occasionally in the car and often when my boyfriend is trying to make me feel better. I don’t mean that like it sounds.

Anne Hathaway cries in this movie. She is on a hotel bed in a white robe with a can of Pringles and she has a mental breakdown about her entire life. There was something about that scene that made me a little less alone in my own mental breakdowns — she was worried about where her grave may be and if she would die alone; I often worry about things that are irrational, too.

So tonight, my gratitude is simple. I am grateful for this movie that showed the mind of a person who wears clothes that don’t wrinkle even as their brain cracks. I know what it is like to crack. Sometimes, you need to watch someone else breaking down to feel okay about your own fractures.


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