Christmas Thoughts

24 Days of Grateful [Day 22] 

I am one of those people who loves Christmas. One of those annoying kinds that is done shopping by December 5 and finished wrapping five days later. I like Michael Buble covers of classic Christmas songs, and I like red and green decorations in my kitchen. I don’t really get stressed about the holiday. I usually find all of the shopping, baking, and decorating to be relaxing, however odd that may be. I like simple tasks sometimes.

Christmas is a religious holiday, but there are very simple traditions — for example, you buy thing for people you love. You wrap them. You hand write Christmas cards and put Rudolph stamps in the right hand corner. You get to float in sugar clouds and chocolate drips while you make a mess baking sweet things to indulge in.

I like the holidays, and mostly because it involves doing things for other people. I guess I don’t think about Jesus that much. I know I should. But I always think about my family more than Christ at this time of the year. Maybe that is what He actually wants. Maybe all of those articles about how materialism has stripped the true meaning of Christmas are wrong. Maybe, in our modern world, the holidays are about “things” — but they are “things” we buy to make other people happy. Just because the times have provided more materialistic goods than before doesn’t mean the intentions aren’t the same. At least, that is how we do it in my family.

I like getting presents. I like giving them, too. But I think what we all really want the most is to spend time with people we care about, and to show them we care. Materialistic things are part of how we do that. So what if we express it with items from Amazon? We are still expressing it.

 I do thank Jesus every year on Christmas for many things, like the fact that I am blessed with money, clothes, food, and electricity. But mostly, I am grateful for my family, and that He has given us a day to celebrate that. So I don’t think Jesus disapproves of me thinking of my family more than I think of Him on His birthday. I think that is actually what He wants His party to be about.

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