65 Degrees

24 Days of Grateful [Day 23]

Guys, I am almost there! Tomorrow is the last day of my little challenge for myself. 🙂 Hope you have enjoyed.

Anyway, on to the thoughts for today…


For those of you that haven’t followed me for a while, I live in New England. Central Massachusetts, to be exact. Today is December 23, and I went for a run outside. It was 65 degrees and there were bundles of rusty brown leaves, ghosts of fall, scattered beneath trees in the front yards I jogged past. The sky was a cloudy with a little bit of moisture to the air, humidity that has since developed into another rain storm. I can hear it pounding outside, lit by a strand of Christmas lights on my porch, looping on the railing and glittering as rain falls behind. It is beautiful, and I have absolutely no desire for a white Christmas this year. Turns out, rain falling is lovely Christmas music.

I am thrilled that I ran outside today without gloves, in just a thin long sleeve shirt, and saw concrete and not snow for the entire route. I am ecstatic that my windows are open and I don’t have the heat on (yes, I do know this is clearly a direct of cause of global warming. But that doesn’t mean I am not going to enjoy it 😉 ).

Maybe it comes from living here too long, or from the terrible winter we had last year, but either way, I don’t need snow to feel magical on Christmas. Turns out, the weather doesn’t have too much to do with it. Today, on the Eve of Christmas Eve, I am grateful for 65 degree weather in Massachusetts. ❤

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