I Love Winter Tag

It is ironic that I was tagged to do this just days before New England got the first “snowfall” of the season (if it can be even called that). Yesterday was wet. Grey. Slushy. Gross. I almost tripped and broke an ankle walking to my office. I wasn’t wearing very practical shoes, but still…

Anyway, today’s weather was very “January” even though it is technically still December of 2015. But nothing makes you feel more like January than slippery roads, grey skies, and an inch of ice on the hood of the car.

So I guess that takes care of the things I don’t like about winter (ha!). The rest of this will be things I actually do like.

Thank you to TO & E for the tag! Be sure to check her out 🙂

Without further ado…the “I Love Winter” tag!


  • Favorite Lip Product Revlon Lip Butter

  • Favorite Drink Chai Tea Latte

  • Favorite Nail Polish Couldn’t pick just one…either Elegantly Wasted by Trust Fund Beauty or Siren of the Sea by 10 Professional Nail Lacquer

  • Favorite Candle No candles in the apartment…but I love the Cup of Warmth scent by Bath & Body Works

  • Favorite Attraction Ice skating

  • Favorite Accessory I am guilty of owning too many scarves, but right now I am obsessed with my new Love Your Melon hat. Check them out – this organization is so cool and donates money and hats to kids battling cancer.

  • Favorite Candy Lindt Milk Chocolate

  • Favorite Movie It is hard not to pick a Christmas movie…but since Christmas is over, my favorite movie to stay in and curl up on the couch with is Ever After with Drew Barrymore.

  • Favorite Blush HydraGel Cream Blush in Flirt by Doll 10

  • Favorite Thing Hmmm…probably the cold weather running. I love running when there are blue skies and white fields around me. 

That’s it!

P.S. – I am listening to the Acoustic Winter playlist on Spotify right now. Note to self – LOVE.

I tag:

Peaches and Caffeine

The Finicky Cynic

Cafe Book Bean

Valentina Sofia

Orange Owl Diaries

Have fun ❤

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