What I Would Do If I Won Powerball

I was having dinner with a good friend of mine today and we started talking about the enormous Powerball prize (we will soon see if someone actually wins the 1.5 billion dollars…). As for myself, I have not purchased a ticket. I’m not much of a gambler. My friend had gone in with his friends at work and bought a couple on his own, so he was technically in the “running” 22 times. Anyway, we started joking about what we would do with the money. I told him he needed to give me at least a million if he did win. He, being quite pragmatic, said he would take the money as an annuity and invest it.

I, on the other hand, started jokingly thinking of the most impossible things I would do if I happened to come into money like that. Disregarding practical moves like paying off loans, donating to charity, securing your family…how would you have fun with 1.5 billion?

  1. I would build myself a beautiful home (probably inspired by The Beauty and the Beast). Yes, I’m serious. It would be made of brick and have great, wide rooms with tall ceilings, with soft chairs and big windows in every room. It would be far enough in the country so I could get away from people and close enough to the world that I could see city lights. It would be warm, inviting, and have a library with books that ran from the floor to the ceiling. The shelves would be so high you would need a ladder to reach the best stories. I would write well there. That would be the whole point.
  2. I would buy land in Montana or Colorado or Arizona or somewhere. Just to keep it. To save it. To make sure animals were happy on it.
  3. I would build a pool with glass walls that was inside another saltwater pool that was a home to sharks so I could feel like I was swimming with them.
  4. I would buy a Chanel bag. Or Louis Vuitton. Something simultaneously exorbitant and classic.
  5. I wouldn’t sell my car, because I like my car and it works — but I would hire someone to drive it so I would never have to get behind a wheel again.
  6. I would buy my own island.
  7. I would rent Disney World out for a week and let only my family and friends come in.
  8. I would adopt an entire kill shelter.
  9. I would have fabulous apartments in downtown Boston, San Francisco, and Barcelona. Maybe London. Definitely also a place in New Zealand. I would want to have a home everywhere I went.
  10. Speaking of traveling, I would have my own plane. Or at least fly first class, always.
  11. I would meet Taylor Swift. And she would have to talk to me, and I would tell her “Teardrops On My Guitar” made me cry when I was 16 and “You Are In Love” did the same thing seven years later.
  12. I would find out secret wishes of people who were in need, and I would grant them the stuff that was too crazy to hope for. (Logistics of this are lacking, clearly. But I just think it would be wonderful to find out the childhood dream of a homeless man, and then give it to him).
  13. I would have my own makeup line.
  14. Turkish baths. In my house. Plus a masseuse and manicurist.
  15. There’s this place in Newport that makes the best fudge I’ve ever had. They would move to my house and I would have chocolate whenever I needed it. Also wine. Also fancy, delicious cheese.

So, there you have it. If I won the Powerball, these are the most self-indulgent things I would be tempted by. What would you do?

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