Things About Fiction Writing

I’ve been doing a bit of writing lately that has gone unpublished — it is all for my GIANT work in progress, aka my novel that is in the middle of a painfully rough draft 2.  I have just finished revising the second chapter and have come to some realizations about how writing a novel works. Or at least how it works for me.

So here goes…

  • I often don’t feel like writing at all. Sometimes, when I get home from work, all I want to do is stare at Netflix and eat chocolate. There are days when I can’t get my brain out of a tired, heavy slump and back to looking at letters on a computer screen. It is hard enough to get myself to open the document, never mind actually produce something worthwhile. But on the days that I make a cup of tea, get my favorite, softest blanket out, and surround my body with pillows and notebooks, I am always grateful for it. I never regret writing, even if I really wasn’t in the mood to begin with. Writing always cheers me up. I never leave the page feeling like it was a poor use of time.
  • Writing is exciting. I have been writing for my entire life, but I never would have used the word “exciting” to describe it until I tried my hand at fiction. Most of the time, I sit down before a scene and decide a certain thing needs to happen. Then I begin typing and something entirely different happens. Very rarely do I say what I intended to, and usually what actually comes out is better (and more fun). I deviate from the plan a lot in fiction writing, and it is honestly the best part about it. Not even I know the ending until I’ve written it.
  • I don’t really know what I am doing. Sometimes, I write a sentence and I love it and think, “That is worth reading.” Other times, I look at the entire book and wonder if any of the 50K+ words are actually good. There are many moments of doubt, but more moments of happiness when I get excited. Because I wrote it, it exists, and that is magic, even if I’m not sure how or why I did it.
  • I’m not really sure what the novel process should look like. It’s different for everyone, I suppose. I’m just plugging along and the only constant I have is to just keep writing.  (Picturing Dory from Finding Nemo in my mind right now…)

So these are some of the things I have discovered about writing as I dig into the next draft of my novel. How about you? Anyone else still deep into their NaNoWriMo project?

2 thoughts on “Things About Fiction Writing

  1. Congratulations on starting draft two already!

    I’ve only written about 1,000 words in my NaNo novel since November, and that all in one afternoon. So I guess you could say I’m in a bit of a writing slump? Part of it is just that I’m frantically trying to read all of the unread books on my shelves before we move (they won’t all fit in the car, because clothes and other “important” stuff… pfft), which leaves little time for writing. And I very much relate to all four of the points you list.

    Happy writing!


    1. I think reading is just as important as actually writing during the process of writing…if we didn’t read, we wouldn’t be writers! Hope you get to read all of your books before the move! They are definitely more important than clothes 😉 Glad you could relate and happy writing to you, too!


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