Camp NaNoWriMo

Happy April, everyone! I loved NaNoWriMo so much that I have decided to become a Camper for this month. I will be abandoning my NaNoWriMo baby to focus on some new things. Draft number 2 of the novel will be making its way into the hands of family members and friends who have all eagerly volunteered (or are being forced…ha!). Hopefully I will have lots of advice and edits to implement in May.

For Camp, I am delving into another new genre – short stories. My goal is to write four pieces that are around 5,000 words each, making my total word count goal 20,000 (a far cry from the 50K in November!). Ideally I would like to finish each of these on a Saturday and begin a new one on Sunday. I have to write 715 words a day to reach my goal by April 30. Honestly, I expect myself to go far over this expectation on the days when I have the time. I am not known for brevity…

I have ideas for a couple of themes (hint: goldfish, castles, and brownies. Curious? 🙂 ). Although I will be surprised if I end up sticking with these ideas. Usually, I deviate from the plan when writing. I want these stories to be very free-flowing, spontaneous, and succinct. I am not going to take myself too seriously, and am secretly hoping they will inspire something great for the novel by stepping away from it for a while.

So with that, I am signing off until May! Talk soon ❤

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