Running & Writing Updates

❤ I briefly mentioned in my last post that I had recently had my wisdom teeth removed. It went well, but one of the side effects was being confined to a couch/limited exercise for a week. Running was, obviously, out, but I also stayed away from yoga because I had a terrible vision of blood spurting out of my mouth during downward dog.

Okay, that probably wouldn’t have happened. Nevertheless, I was a couch potato for a 1week and did very little activity. One thing I have noticed about having a workout routine is that when you stop working out, it is often more painful than an intense session. My body was tightening up. My calves were sore.  Everything ached, and I was so glad to get moving again. On Saturday, I tested my legs on a 3-mile run, which felt like waking up again. Then I went out for a 5-miler on Sunday. It was a new route and I vastly miscalculated, ending up logging almost 7 miles. I was sore the next day but that is a better feeling than doing nothing! I also want to run the Worcester Running Festival coming up in just under a month (its a half marathon), so being able to do 7 miles comfortably right now was a relief.

I have MAJOR writer’s block. I have sat down again and again in the past couple of weeks to work on my novel, but every time I write a sentence I have not the slightest idea where it is going. I’ve added a new character I have mixed feelings about. She is either going to be really important or cut out of the story, and I am not sure which yet. I am doubting myself and the strength of the words, which is not good, because it means I have lost perspective.

I have stayed away from reading YA fantasy novels since November because I have this (irrational?) fear that if I read something in my genre, I will suddenly not have any ideas of my own and accidentally plagiarize. But I am running out of inspiration, and I also am looking at some of my scenes and wondering what in the world they need. More description? Less dialogue? More dialogue? More information? Should I make scenes about 5 pages longer each? Or do things need to be simplified? It is like staring at a library and not knowing which book of hundreds to choose. Brains are an endless field of creativity, but how to figure out which pieces fit together?

My boyfriend says I should be patient, the inspiration will come again. But patience is not a strong suit of mine, and I am also aware that the only way to write is to write. Inspiration, I know, is not something that can be captured and tied down to a daily routine. We have to harness it when it comes in waves. But it is also something we have to create. Why have I been unable to create it for the past couple of months?

I decided my best option was to learn, so I am putting aside my aforementioned fear of reading other YA fantasy fairy novels while I am writing this one. I combed my bookshelf and selected Faerie Wars by Herbie Brennan. It is a New York Times Bestseller, and I don’t remember ever actually finishing this.

I learned to write by reading, so maybe it was stupid to not read fantasy while I write it. People who are published clearly knew what they were doing. I will also re-watch Maleficient, a huge inspiration for the fairy realm in my book, and read Wicked Lovely again. But I want to do it differently. I want to first get swept away, the way all stories sweep, but then I want to look at the works critically. Ask questions. Figure out what makes them worth reading.

Hopefully, my next update will bear news of my muse’s return!

2 thoughts on “Running & Writing Updates

  1. I don’t have any solution to writer’s blog, not being a writer (of books) myself. I do write short blogs though, and have found that just writing (like you have said) helps me even if some of it ends up being trashed. It also makes sense that you want to re-visit the things that inspired your novel in the first place. Anyway, all the best!

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