Back On Track

trackSummer, as it always seems to do, as whisked me away with blurry days. Days slow with humid air over cool pools, sunburns peeling three weeks later, and wine on hot evenings while mosquitoes buzz despite citronella. It may seem a bit premature (sorry) to be referencing the end of this season, but in truth, my own life has picked up the post-Labor Day pace already. Work is busier. I am itching to spend less time floating in a tube and more time planning my long run of the week. I want to eat more salads and fewer hot dogs, charred and rolled over with tongs while the dogs drip drool and stare. I love summer, but it already feels like we are reading the last few pages of 2016’s chapter. Don’t worry — I’m not throwing in my chlorine-soaked towel just yet. I intend to fill the next couple of weeks with a few more lazy afternoons. However, my mind is moving forward to crisper mornings and shorter days.

Namely, I am focusing on getting back on track with my novel (still in the midst of copious edits, if you were wondering) and inserting more writing into my daily life. July and August have left me slacking on the journaling front, something I find is really important to do. Writing, sometimes, doesn’t feel real if you aren’t doing it on an actual page. I want to write more blog posts and short stories. And poetry, something that fills me up the way no other genre can. I want the words to flow again, instead of being caught in a stopped-up faucet.

September Goals (that I am really starting…now):

  1. Journal every day
  2. Finish editing draft 3 of my novel
  3. Blog!
  4. Read (aka don’t lose sight of my Goodreads Reading goal)



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