I Am Grateful For Traffic

I am grateful for traffic because it means I have somewhere to go.
I am grateful for rent because it means I have a place to sleep.
I am grateful for deadlines and staff meetings because it means I have a job.
For copays at the doctor’s office because it means I have health insurance.
For waiting in line at Dunkin Donuts, because it means I have five bucks to indulge.
For sweaters that have a hole because it means I wore them well.
For yellowed pictures and stains on scrapbooks because I have enough memories to fill them.
For a grave to visit because it means I loved someone, once.
For being angry at him because it means I am bleeding and that means scabbing, soon.
For my ex-boyfriend who swears I am the reason, because I am nobody’s reason.
For the weak crack in my ankle, because it means I ran until I broke, once.
For the boy who told me I was ugly and my breasts were too large, because now I don’t care.
For not being that skinny, because I fought to love love handles.
For that time I screamed at my boyfriend in a parking garage, because I love him enough to scream.
For the day I tripped on a dock and fell into the Emergency Room for stitches, because I couldn’t walk and therefore I had to sit.
For not having cable while I grew up, because now I read more books than I watch TV.
For the girls who don’t invite me to parties, because I am a woman who doesn’t need parties.
For the rejection letter because it means I didn’t get the wrong job.
For the Catholic school that I didn’t want to believe in, because now I have a blue bead rosary.
For the time I spelled a name wrong in a newspaper, because now I spell it out slow.
For the desk I found by the dumpster, because God said, “You must write.”
For cutting myself while shaving because I have a shower to shave in.
For being white because white privilege.
For Arbolito, Ecuador, because now that I have seen homes made with dirt and trash, I know how to love a home with end tables and refrigerators.
For watching a child play soccer on cement with two shoes that didn’t match, because now I know that I am grateful for traffic.

6 thoughts on “I Am Grateful For Traffic

  1. Wow, such a thought provoking piece. Beautiful. Sometimes bad stuff needs to happen so we can notice and appreciate the good. And sometimes the bad things are good for us in the end… Am I making any sense? Haha. Good job, anyway!


  2. Wow, you really dig very deep…you talk about usual things that we usually do not pay attention…but life consists of exactly these small things…thank you! You feel life!


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