Run Recap: The Good Parts and the Bad Parts

Hallelujah!!! Today it is nearly 60 degrees in Massachusetts and yesterday it was around 45 for most of the day. You know what that means…I had to get outside and get moving. So yesterday, I did a nice four mile loop in a State Forest close to where I live. I am happy I discovered it as the trail was wide, well-kept, and a nice break from running on the roads where I forever live in fear of getting hit by a car.

It wasn’t perfect, since even a day of melting didn’t eliminate all of the snow and icy patches. A man leaving the trail smiled at my boyfriend and I as we stretched and got ready to go. “How was it?” I asked him.

“There were good parts and bad parts,” he said. During my run, I mulled this over.

Good parts and bad parts. Simple, but one of the truest statements I have ever heard. Each run has its good parts — the flat surfaces, the moments of exhilaration, the feeling that you are getting stronger with each mile. But there are rough spots to every trail, spots that are deep with muddy slush or layered with thick, slick ice.

It is so worth it, though, to run on trails that are still thawing.

We are all still thawing, and being forced to walk on icy spots is a good reminder that running is a gift.

Update: I only missed one workout in all of January! Very pleased with myself for this. I do need new running sneakers, though, so a trip to the store is in order soon. Also, I am planning on running a half marathon in Rhode Island on March 5, providing I stick to this training schedule. Here’s hoping I get to run in more unusual spring weather this February!


4 thoughts on “Run Recap: The Good Parts and the Bad Parts

  1. Very motivating! Good thing that you’re keeping up running; I try to aim for a couple of times per week, but even then it’s a struggle. Keep it up, though!


  2. I had the experience of running on thawing grounds few years ago, must say it was awesome and much fun… Glad you are able to stick to your workout routines and being healthy… 🙂 have fun

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