Changing Waves

24 Days of Grateful [Day 16]

I am grateful for change.

We crave static lives sometimes; there are moments in time when we are just happy to be doing the same thing we were doing yesterday. Brushing our teeth five minutes before bed, or waking up three minutes before the alarm actually goes off, or always boiling tea on the front right burner. These are things that give our lives structure and the hours purpose. We use time to plan how to accomplish tasks, and we live by the ticks of a clock. No matter how you slice it, we do live by time. There is a time to eat breakfast. A time to focus on e-mails. A time to wash the dishes. There is a time to wrap Christmas presents and there is a time to pay for Christmas presents. A time to be in love, and a time to be fighting with someone you love. A time to cry and a time to suck it up.

We have organized our existence based on the tick of a second hand and the movements of the sun. Even when we are in emotional states of either celebration or mourning, we have time limits. Twelve steps to getting over him. The stages of grief. Birthdays only happen once a year.

This categorization, this organization — it makes sense, but the tick of the hand becomes a dull teller of boredom if we do not infuse our lives with change.

So much has changed in my own life in the past year, transformations that I won’t go over because most of you (I’m looking at you, family and my regular readers) are already familiar. I am a different person going into 2016 — a better one, I hope. Maybe that’s not true. But I am happier, and that is it’s own form of better, right?

Happiness comes about on the wake of change. You can stay in a static place and be afraid of shattering the perfect glass holding you in, or you can move forward and crack your own walls with bloody knuckles. Bruises come from fighting. Fighting comes from a need to. The need, the fire, comes from wanting to change something.

And then…you do change it. You shatter the glass and watch it shine as it rains to the floor in a reflective cloud, your own face looking back it you in shards and scars. But you know the cuts were worth it, and crashing through the glass was the right decision.

Windows are only exciting if you open them.

2 thoughts on “Changing Waves

  1. LOVE! I have been following your change and am so excited for you in how far you have come! Change is hard for me. I am a routine kind of person and when things do change (and I am not prepared for it), I kind of freak out, but what you said here: “you can move forward and crack your own walls with bloody knuckles” really resonated with me. Wonderfully written!

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